The Liontron LiFePO4 batteries guarantees maximum benefit for all needs by raising the livability level of your camper thanks to the - almost - double autonomy of a normal AGM of equal amperage, in addition by installing a Liontron lithium battery for camper you can take advantage of :

• No risk of sulphation (stop all problems related to the storage period of your camper during which AGM batteries can deteriorate)
• Weight savings of up to 70% (more energy per kilogram)
• Management by APP (thanks to the integrated Bluetooth 4.0 you will have all the tools to monitor the battery status, you can view important data on your smartphone or tablet)
• Low level of self-discharge, maintenance-free
• Fast charging (by adjusting the original system of your vehicle)
• More than 3,000 certified charge / discharge cycles
• Integrated battery management system (BMS)

Equipped with screw connection M6 X 20 mm.

Liontron batteries are fully removable for eventually extraordinary maintenance.

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