EXIDE Marine & Leisure Li-Ion

More energy availability - with a higher energy density than conventional accumulators, M&L Li-Ion batteries are able to power very powerful inverters, which are indispensable for operating large energy-hungry equipment such as air conditioners.
More charge acceptance - M&L Li-Ion batteries are designed to accept recharges with a high number of amperes, which results in complete recharges in a very short time, either while stationary using special chargers or while driving (with a correctly sized on-board system capable of delivering as much power as possible from the alternator to the battery).
Longer life - the high quality of the LiFePO4 cells used, combined with a latest-generation BMS that equalises and optimises the charging and discharging of individual cells, allow these batteries to reach up to 3000 cycles of use without the risk of sulphation or deterioration due to long periods of inactivity.
Safer - the LiFePO4 cells used in M&L Li-Ion batteries are certified and tested and comply with European lithium battery regulations. Compared to common Li-Po batteries (commonly used in smartphones or small devices) they are absolutely safe for transport and use in the vehicle.
Smarter - thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect via your smartphone and view all the battery parameters from the free app.
Stronger - fitted as standard with internal pre-heating resistors that automatically activate when used in cold climates, heating the lithium cells to keep them at the correct operating temperature and make the battery usable even when the outside temperature drops to -20°C.

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